“What are you looking so far up the mountains. You are the only man this time of the day, 20km either way” the voice said. “I don’t know, but I haven’t found”, I replied. “You’re on the road for a month. And you’ve done this many times before” the voice said, “Do you not understand that I am here? You don’t have to look?”

I smiled. Alone in a small tent in the middle of a moonless night which itself was in the middle of a vast snowfield up at 13,050ft. No phones. Only a bicycle colder than the 6ft of snow it stood against. But I was home. I felt a warm glow down my throat. It couldn’t be the alcohol because I never violated the rule of not drinking on the road. It must be that I’d found what I wasn’t looking for.

10 years passed with many conversations, him and me, as friends. With no real meaning. One day I said “I want more. I’m not happy”. He said, “what do you want now?” “I don’t know,” I said, “but I want more love”. “OK”, he said, “you can have all of it, you can be my son, if you can be their father”, he pointed to a small dog looking at me from the corner of my house. Kavya looked at me waiting for an answer.

The Son of the Son of God is a Dog I rakeshshukla.com

The Son of the Son of God is a Dog I rakeshshukla.com

I never again went to meet him at a temple or anywhere. The son of God. Now I was fearless, and it gets to your head. The situation turned, as it always does. I fell from a cliff, hit every rock on the way, and it was a long long way down. I lay bloodied and dying and I cried, bitterly but under my breath. “What do you cry about? The pain?” he appeared. “I’d never cry of pain”, it was a rebuke, “I’m your son”, I shouted back. He smiled, “Do you not understand I do not take care of any one thing. I can’t take care of you. I make the rules to run the

universe, and then I can only watch because touching it would violate the condition of having the rules in the first place”. I gasped, “so you didn’t leave me?”. “I’ll never love you less as long as you take care of your children”, he said.

I picked myself up and got to the first one that needed me. The son of the son of God was a Dog. Rakesh Shukla

(I wrote this on Shivaratri Feb 2017 and is an actual 1st person account. Through my darkest hour I could never stop nor forget that I do God’s work. And they are my children)