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Rakesh Shukla

Founder of VOSD, lives with 750 rescued dogs
Rakesh Shukla founded 'The Voice of Stray Dogs' Rescue (VOSD) in 2013, which has become the world’s largest citywide dog rescue. In the past four years, VOSD has rescued over 7,000 dogs, carried out over 200,000 medical treatments, and the VOSD Sanctuary is home to more than 750 dogs.

VOSD is widely considered the largest and best-run dog rescue anywhere and the most technologically leveraged. VOSD & Rakesh’s journey has been the subject of more than a hundred talks, telecasts, documentaries, and interviews in the BBC, Al Jazeera, NDTV, CNBC, Doordarshan, The Huffington Post, Times of India, Economic Times and many others.

Rakesh has served on the Animal Welfare Board of India. Rakesh is based in Bangalore, where he spends half his week in the city with 14 dogs, and the other half at the Sanctuary on the outskirts of Bangalore with another 750.

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