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Rakesh Shukla

Survivor, Fighter, Speaker, Philanthropist. 
Rakesh has suffered from heart disease since early childhood, survived a heart attack early in his life, has suffered brain disease and arthritis for decades, lives with 2 blocked carotids and has broken his back. That has not stopped him from being an endurance mountain cyclist -- cycling thousands of kilometers, alone, in the Himalayas. Or from running marathons. Today his fitness is largely restricted to working with bare hands at his farm where he strongly discourages 'mechanization' and insists that firewood is chopped by hand. 
Rakesh’s TEDx talk has dominoed into a series of speaker requests as it showcases his commitment to the now-750 dogs in his care through a turbulent three years designed to bankrupt a multimillion dollar enterprise. The personal and professional threats that precipitated these three challenging years; Rakesh’s response to these attacks; and the current turning of the tide make for a classic resourcefulness-in-the-face-of-adversity story -- with one major difference. When you have 750 lives depending on you, your choices need to be more than just strategic or pragmatic.

Rakesh’s choices and experiences describe a uniquely personal journey against a landscape that is equal parts business, and non-profit. It is a real-life story that is inspiring, innovative, and courageous. It is tailored for senior & middle management, as well as newer hires. Rakesh combines the ‘personal’ principles of character, commitment, defining success & planning for it, with years of his own hands on management experience as well as the rigor of having taught in a B-school for several years.


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