The Talk:

Rakesh Shukla is the inspirational speaker at ANZ Bangalore as part of their TPEC Inspirational speaker series. Rakesh’s talk will be on ‘Creating Success in the face of Insurmountable Odds’ and will focus on the set of managing yourself in the face of professional and personal setbacks, the qualities that one needs to have to come out of real catastrophic setbacks and journey.

A large number of employees at every level look at relatively small disappointments at work mainly related to expectations from them, work interactions with colleagues and management, the pace of growth and promotions (or lack thereof) as life-changing setbacks and make very significant personal and professional decisions based on them. The talks seek to give a perspective on what ‘really bad’ really means, and what does it take to come out of it.

Venue, Time and Audience

  • Venue: ANZ IT, Bangalore
  • Date: 4 July 2017
  • Time: 1030-1230hrs
  • Audience: ANZ employees

Earlier at ANZ Bangalore (2014)

This is the 2nd time Rakesh Shukla is addressing ANZ. The earlier talk was for a limited audience about awareness on stray dogs way back in 2014.

Rakesh Shukla @ ANZ Bangalore

Rakesh Shukla @ ANZ Bangalore or VOSD in 2014