you are stronger than you think

Whether it’s losing your job, or your business going under or losing a loved one, life is filled with stressful situations. It is a myth that you’re either born tough or you’re not. The truth is, toughness, both mental and physical is cultivated, just like any other skill. Attend a program and become “Stronger with Rakesh Shukla™”. It will transform your Work, your Health and your Life. 

Life’s challenges are just those, not your life's facts.

Do you feel your present circumstances are holding you back? Have you given up your childhood dream of greatness with one of mediocrity? Did you know you can breakthrough life’s plateaus & challenges by finding your reserve of mental and physical strength. 

Stronger with Rakesh Shukla™

This is a framework developed over Rakesh’s life and it has driven 2 comebacks. 

He has slept on railway platforms on his way  to create a world-leading technology company — the choice of over 40 Fortune 500 tech customers worldwide including Microsoft, Boeing, Airbus, Intel and others. At 43, over one year he lost everything. Alone & friendless he spent the next 5 years repaying over INR 20 crores of debt & taxes building back his company and reputation. And creating the world’s largest dog sanctuary & rescue.    

He has suffered heart disease since 7 yrs of age, has had 2 heart attacks by the time he was 30, suffers from brain diseases, has broken his back and his kidneys are failing. By the end of this 5 year period he was 88kg in weight and very unfit. Today at 48 yrs he can lift well over 100kg above his head, run a 10-minute mile, do 2000 push ups or 250 pulls ups.  He has never been to a gym, been on a diet, had a trainer or taken any supplements. 

Toughness, Resilience and Grit
are skills you can learn 

This framework has a specific set of tools that you will learn and the steps you will follow. You will start seeing results immediately.
You will find you can achieve your professional goals, your fitness goals, you can get over any addiction, any heartbreak
over just a few days. 

Toughness is a skill

Learn the mental techniques to cultivate an indomitable will

Response to Stress

Learn to change your fight or flight response.

Talent is overrated

Intelligence & talent are overrated. Grit is the skill you will learn.

Harnessing willpower

Willpower is real energy. It can be harnessed, conserved and depleted.

Risk Profile

What kind of risks you like, and avoid.

Understanding your motivation

Do you avoid failure or are you motivated by success?

Developing winning habits

You can drop any habit or develop any almost instantly.

Having a purpose

Even the most commonplace life can have a purpose. Find yours.

 Become the Toughest Person you know™ 

Get set to unshackle the past & break through the present.

Mentally the toughest person you know™

Workshop for C-level and senior-executives to unschackle the present and become super achievers. 

2 day retreat

Physically the toughest person you know™

No matter what your current health you will become the fittest strongest person you know without a gym or a diet.

1 day workshop 

Get over Alchohol™

If you’ve thought even once that you should give up drinking or cigarettes, or another addiction. Get over it in just 1 day! 


Get over Heartbreak™

Heartbreak can be at any stage of your life. You fell in love, someone cheated, or died. Get over it in just 1 day!

1 day workshop 

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Those who fight — live on — they become heroes whether they die or they win. Those who capitulate — they are forgotten.

Rakesh Shukla

When you have lost everything you had, what you’re left with is what you’ve really got. 

Rakesh Shukla


Read Rakesh’s writings on the self-awareness, tools and techniques of becoming The Toughest Person You Know™. Rakesh writes with great candor and exclusively from his deeply personal experiences.

What are you waiting for?

Attend a program now to become The Toughest Person You Know™.  Transform your Work, your Health & your Life.  

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The only person who is holding you back is you. Reach out to us to breakthrough!

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